Heavy Gear Blitz!

-Match One-

The First Match of The Season.

With the Firehawks now entered into the Terra Nova Gear Battling Circuit, the team needed a logo, uniforms, and a plan of action! 

However, some important things happened in the week leading up to this match: Gen went out the night before the match hoping to find out anything she could about the first team that the Firehawks were scheduled to face (Assemble EX-10), and in doing so ended up in a drinking contest with their members. Rosi attended a large Circuit function with Wagner, meeting her girlfriend there so that they could share a tender evening to themselves.

Learning a little about Assemble EX-10, learning that their first match involved capturing and controlling points on the field, and getting an aerial photograph of the match site, the Firehawks formulated a simple plan to achieve victory; things were complicated by exceptionally poor weather, and the revelation that their competition this time was quite fierce!

The members of Assemble EX-10: Kan Yu, Paul Potaria, Shako, and Bully Kiderra; were defeated after a lengthy struggle, and only by capturing more of the control points before the time ran out. A much slimmer margin of victory for the Firehawks, but they'd have a week off to rest, train, and prepare for their second match…



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