Calamity Gen


Character Sheet.

As far as personal history goes, it’s hard getting any sort of info out of Gen: she keeps a lot about herself TO herself, curbing conversations away from her when able and offering up glib or outlandish answers when not. Even so, there are a few facts that she let’s slips, usually after a bottle or two, that shed some light into her past and character.

Until very recently, Gen was working out of the Badlands, as a gun for hire, mostly in matters dealing with the removal of violent or unruly Rovers, though it’s unclear how she came to find herself performing such a dangerous job, especially at her age. Fortunately she’s more than capable of taking care of herself, even in the unforgiving Badlands; she’s an incredible shot with handguns (apparently favoring revolvers) and knows her weapons better than some Paxton Arms gunsmiths. She’s curiously intelligent for a Leagueless, but has mentioned something about spending part of her childhood in Peace River, which may explain her education.

Gen has only been piloting gears for a very short time, but she’s become adept at mobilizing in combat situations, even if she has little understanding about how the mechs actually work – technology is not her forte.

When questioned about the whole ‘cowboy thing,’ she’ll often look puzzled before shrugging and saying it’s ‘just her style.’


Calamity Gen

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