Clemens Hertz

Electronic warfare and Gear design specialist. Sybille's big brother.


“If we replace the actuators here with those from the Cheetah series, and add a couple maneuvering verniers, we can increase reaction time by twenty four percent.”

Clemens and his sister Sybille have come a long way from their little machine shop in the Swanscombe, UMF. Sometime after the War of The Alliance, the pair went into business together, and made a killing by salvaging, repairing, and reselling the broken Gears that littered the Badlands. Though the desert is never devoid of steel tombstones, the pickings became slim after several successful years, and short of another Interpolar War, things weren’t likely to improve. It was Clemens idea to sell the shop, but ultimately it was Sybille who insisted that they try their hand at supporting one of the teams in the Circuit.

Although Clemens is the older of the two siblings, in many ways he’s the least mature. His head always seems to be in the clouds, and it’s in his nature to be quiet and contemplative. His designs are radically ambitious, but most Gear Jockeys aren’t willing to risk their machine’s overall performance in exchange for whatever improvements Clemens is likely to make.


Clemens Hertz

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