Irmak Ortiz

SRA duelist, Gear jockey, and the team's coach.


Irmak Ortiz
“As long as you don’t call me ‘old lady’, I’ll teach you a few tricks.”

Hailing from the shores of Ashanti, Irmak ‘Irma’ Ortiz lacks the typical mannerisms that one would expect from a member of the Southern Republican Army’s special forces. Make no mistake though; behind those enchanting green eyes and pleasant smile is a cold-blooded killer. If Ortiz’s sealed military records and war stories aren’t proof enough, her victories in the Circuit should provide all the evidence one requires.

Ortiz retired from the Circuit a little over a year ago, but the team’s owner convinced her to join up in an advisory and training role. The money, and the chance to feel the thrill of combat vicariously were more than enough incentive, and now she’s taken on the role of Coach in order to train a new generation of Circuit champions.


Irmak Ortiz

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