Victoria Wagner

Matronly middle manager. The go-between for the team and it's owner.


“The team’s performance is key to securing sponsors, and that’s all that matters.”

Formerly of the CNCS’s Northern Guard (Administration Battalion), Ms.Wagner believes that the key to success in any endeavor is proper leadership, and an efficient chain of command. In spite of Wagner’s dignified attitude, she’s actually quite the socialite; in addition to meeting with the Team’s owner to discuss business strategies and plans for the Circuit, Wagner is especially adept at carousing with corporate bigwigs. She’s not an expert pilot who can teach you some new tricks, or a faithful mechanic that can get your machine running no matter what, but she’s the woman who will fight tooth and nail to make sure that a potential sponsor sees you as the best investment. Not necessarily because you are, but because she’s responsible for you.


Victoria Wagner

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