Sybille Hertz

A whiz with machines; the team's mechanic.


“Between my brother and I, we can design, build, and fix anything you throw at us.”

Sybille and her brother Clemens have come a long way from their little machine shop in the Swanscombe, UMF. Sometime after the War of The Alliance, the pair went into business together, and made a killing by salvaging, repairing, and reselling the broken Gears that littered the Badlands. Though the desert is never devoid of steel tombstones, the pickings became slim after several successful years, and short of another Interpolar War, things weren’t likely to improve. It was Clemens idea to sell the shop, but ultimately it was Sybille who insisted that they try their hand at supporting one of the teams in the Circuit.

Of the two siblings, Sybille is the one with the greatest affinity for machines. The little greasemonkey insists that being so short is actually an advantage (you can fit into the tight spots of a Gear better that way), though Clemens is all too happy to tease Sybille about it. Sybille’s a practical thinker, and a realist; she won’t sugarcoat anything, but she’ll search for solutions to a problem without stopping to discuss it first.


Sybille Hertz

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