Heavy Gear Blitz!

-The Qualifier-

A match to decide entry into the circuit.

During a briefing with the team's support and managerial staff, everyone decided on what to call themselves as a group: the Firehawks!

Not much was known about who the Firehawks would be competing against in the qualifying round, and so the team went into the fight blind. Victory here would guarantee their entry into the Circuit's latest tournament, and failure would mean that everyone would be sent home.

The Firehawks went head to head with the Serpentes Venenati, a large team that was double the Firehawks size! Numbers there the Serpents only strength though, as their Gear compliment consisted solely of Asps, a mass produced Gear intended to be sold to companies in the badlands who needed site security.

After a bloody battle that saw two of the Serpents killed, the Firehawks claimed victory by way of elimination: None of the Serpents gears were left standing by the end of the match.



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