Confederated Northern City-States (CNCS)

The majestic mountains, fertile valleys, and windy plains of the northern hemisphere are ruled by
the Confederated Northern City-States (CNCS). The CNCS is ruled by a council, whose members are
appointed by the city-states and Leagues that form the confederation. The NLC and UMF have much
influence on the council, but neither has a majority of seats, and so they must often turn to the smaller
WFP and the independent city-states to pass legislation.


The CNCS mainly concerns itself with establishing common trade and foreign policy for its member states. The Northern Leagues have found that by speaking and acting as a whole, their power and influence is considerably increased. Although the CNCS strives to project an outward appearance of unity, there remain deep divisions within the North. Unlike the Allied Southern Territories, the CNCS member-states are self-governed, and the CNCS has no authority over their internal affairs. This frequently results in a behind-the-scenes tug of war, as each member-state attempts to shape CNCS policy to suit its ambitions.

Since the War of the Alliance, agitation over Southern atrocities, imperialism and hedonism has spread throughout the North.
Despite once fighting side-by-side with the people of the South, the general Northern public once again sees the AST as a
threat, one they are obligated to deal with for the good of the planet. Prominent political and religious leaders in the North have
been encouraging this sentiment for their own ends, including Second Follower Thor Hutchinson, the leader of the Sorrento
Revisionist Church and Grand Marshall Victoria Edden-Smythe, the commander-in-chief of the Northern Guard.

Northern Leagues

Northern Lights Confederacy
United Mercantile Federation
Western Frontier Protectorate

Confederated Northern City-States (CNCS)

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