Northern Lights Confederacy


The largest of the Northern Leagues, both in terms of territory and population. Despite a bloody history of crusades and civil wars, the NLC has developed into a strong, unified state and national pride is high. The Confederacy is the birthplace of Mamoud, the founder of Revisionism, and the League has always been a stronghold of the religion. The NLC has embraced Sorrento Revisionism, a more militant strain that calls for the righteous use of force to better the world.

Prompted by Southern atrocities in the Badlands and within the AST throughout the TN1920s, public opinion in the NLC has turned against the Southern Republic. Second Follower Hutchinson has been leading the charge, and his calls for all Northerners to rally against the imperialism, immorality, and cruelty of the South have been well-received. Although the Southern political situation makes it unlikely, fears that the AST might try to invade the North are again common. NLC President Kadjë Adjanni has done her best to calm the situation, but several NAF regiments have been deployed into the Badlands in response to popular demand to protect large settlements, especially Revisionist communities.

The effect of the Revisionist faith on life in the NLC is not always a positive one. While there is no official state religion, non-Revisionists are often treated as second-class citizens. They are rarely elected to political office and must struggle for promotion in the military. Most non-Revisionists live in sequestered communities, but some are willing to brave this prejudice out of love for their League.

Northern Lights Confederacy

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