Setting Overview

Welcome to the world of Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear is set on the distant human colony world of Terra Nova. Settled by colonists from Earth in the 52nd century, it had been occupied by humans for five hundred years when Earth abruptly withdrew support, casting Terra Nova and the other nine colonies into chaos. Thanks to its long history, Terra Nova’s settlers had good prospects for the future, even without Earth’s support. While still a young world, it had cities, settlements and all the infrastructure needed to sustain a modern human society.

When Earth abandoned Terra Nova, the existing political order collapsed and anarchy reigned. Charismatic leaders gradually restored order and each of Terra Nova’s cities, isolated from each other by hundreds of miles of untamed wilderness, became an independent city-state. Before long, city-states were banding together for mutual protection against raiders and to dominate their neighbors. Over the next two local centuries, the Wars of Unification led to the formation of seven great Leagues, aligned into two confederations – the Confederated Northern City-States (CNCS) and the Allied Southern Territories (AST).

Each confederation expanded to occupy the hospitable land around one of the planetary poles. The vast Badlands, a thousand-kilometer-wide band of desert running around Terra Nova’s equator, became the focus of many confrontations between the two powers. These skirmishes were brought to an abrupt end by The St. Vincent’s War. A battle for the remains of a colonial-era Gateship called the St. Vincent released a biologically-engineered plague on an unsuspecting planet, killing millions of children. Their will to fight broken, the two confederations settled into a wary peace, then, as friction built between them once more, a tense Cold War. This was the era of the Judas Syndrome, with power brokers and spies across the planet trading information and manipulating entire nations for their own gain. Another Interpolar war seemed imminent. All this changed in TN 1913, when Earth again made contact with her daughter colony.

Earth’s ambassadors to Terra Nova were the Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF), a high-tech army bent on bringing the independent colonies under Earth’s thumb. Faced with an army of more than 400,000 highly-trained men and vatgrown supersoldiers called GRELs (Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaires) equipped with technology the likes of which the Terra Novan colonists had never seen, the polar confederations were forced to work together. The spies and power brokers that had been ready to sell their nations into war abruptly changed course and brought them into a hasty alliance against their common foe. The CEF, expecting an easy conquest of a fractured and crumbling colony, found instead a strong planet on the brink of war. This invasion created a united force determined to protect its independence at any cost. Even so, the CEF assault drove deep into the heartlands of both polar confederations.

The war of attrition between the colonial defenders and theCEF invaders suddenly shifted in TN 1916, when the Northern and Southern armies worked together in the Battle of Baja to achieve their first decisive victory against the invaders. This was also the incentive needed for Paxton Arms, a massive weapons manufacturer based in the Badlands city of Peace River, to officially enter the war on the side of the Alliance.They had originally declared their neutrality, but had in reality been sneaking arms and supplies to the rovers, badlandsmilitias and freedom fighters that came together to fight asthe Peace River Army. Paxton’s intervention provided the exhausted Alliance with fresh troops and a plentiful source of supplies. In TN 1917, faced with a hopeless war on three fronts, the CEF retreated, abandoning over a hundred thousand troops – mostly GRELs – on the planet’s surface.

At first it seemed that the peace might last. But as cycles passed without another CEF invasion, tensions again built up between the CNCS and the AST. Alliances have frayed, old grudges are not easily forgotten and all hell is about to break loose.

Heavy Gear Blitz!

This game, as the tagline suggests, puts the players into the role of Gear pilots who have joined the recreational bloodsport that is Gear battling as an alternative to serving their respective homelands by being deployed in the Badlands. Gear Jockeys from the circuit are a popular choice for more than just entertainment though… corporate and international interests request their services as mercenaries on a regular if infrequent basis.

The latest iteration of the TNGBC (Terra Nova Gear Battling Circuit) has begun. Private and public sponsors begin to search for new blood to recruit into their teams, hoping that skill and good fortune will bring them prestige and profit.

Setting Overview

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