Southern Republic


The most populous League on Terra Nova, the Southern Republic is the true master of the Allied Southern Territories. The Republic was built through violent conquest,with a handful of city-states on the border of Lake Esperance (Terra Nova’s largest body of water) taking control of their neighbors. Most Republicans celebrate their superior culture, which embraces diversity and personal freedom. From the shores of Ashanti, where clothing is not just optional but unusual, to the sophisticated arts and entertainment of Port Oasis, to the simple rural farmers that feed the Republic’s 100 million mouths, a multitude of diverse peoples live in harmony.

The Republic’s relations with the rest of Terra Nova have never been quite as harmonious and the Southern Republic has many enemies. The Northern Lights Confederacy’s evangelistic Sorrento Revisionism and antagonism towards Southern culture particularly worries most Republicans. Despite a short period of fellowship after the War of the Alliance, fears of the North have again become widespread. The Estates General has responded to popular demand and ordered the MILICIA to operate more aggressively in the Badlands to defend against the Northern threat and help Badlands communities rebuff Northern attempts to manipulate their affairs.

While the Republic’s culture may be free, its government is not. Dissent and criticism are not tolerated.The Republic’s secret police, Les Témoins, are ever-vigilant and those who challenge the powerful have a way of disappearing. Many political parties exist, but all have largely identical platforms and those that break the mold rarely capture more than a handful of seats. Most Republicans accept these things without question as aspects of the Republic’s cultural superiority.

Southern Republic

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