Terra Nova Gear Battling Circuit


History of the Circuit

On Terra Nova, Gears have been used for everything from industry to warfare. Many companies specialize entirely in Gear and Gear related product lines, while most others have at least one division of their enterprise which offers something in that regard. It was only a matter of time before people began to use Gears for the purpose of entertainment too. The earliest days of the circuit were filled with less than legal bouts of mechanized combat, the lion’s share of incentive came from the gambling which sprung up around these fights. Eventually, the United Mercantile Federation saw an opportunity, and successfully lobbied with the other Northern leagues to push for regulations on these fights. The various member-states of the South adopted similar practices less than a year later, and very shortly after that the TNGBC was formed.

With the new regulations, the nature of Gear battling changed forever. While it had been a simple blood sport before, now there were all manner of competitions which fell under the banner of the circuit; racing is a particularly popular alternative to combat. Areas of wilderness were designated as sanctioned sites for the circuit’s use, and arenas were constructed in larger cities… soon, you couldn’t go anywhere on Terra Nova without hearing some news about it. In spite of the face-lift though, Gear Battling is still an immensely bloody and profitable sport; There are rules, arbitrators, charity matches, and non-violent alternatives now, but the Leagues and corporations are so intrinsically involved that it’s impossible to look at the game the same way as before.

The Gear Jockey’s Handbook

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Terra Nova Gear Battling Circuit

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