United Mercantile Federation


The second-largest of the Northern Leagues, the UMF is the industrial heartland of the North. Corporations and free enterprise are central to the UMF way of life. The League has no taxes. Government operations are funded through the sale of electoral vouchers, which grant a single vote in a single election to the owner. Most UMF corporations purchase hundreds of electoral vouchers every cycle, in addition to their more direct contributions to the overall welfare of the League.

Its concentration of heavy industry makes the acquisition of raw materials particularly important to the UMF. The North is rich in forests and mineral wealth, but the untapped mineral and petrochemical resources of the Badlands are a gold mine for anyone that can lay claim to them. Losing access to these treasures would be devastating for most UMF corporations, so the UMFA is frequently called on to prevent Southern or local monopolies or protectionist governments from claiming exclusive access or plundering a region’s resources without fair compensation.

The UMF’s most bitter rival is the Mekong Dominion, and the two Leagues have been locked in a trade war for most of their history. This war has only come to open conflict a handful of times, most notably during the Merchant War in the late 17th century TN and the Sandstorm Strikes of the early 20th century TN. Treasurer Yves Banderas, ex-film star and current leader of the UMF, has been trying to find common ground with the Dominion since his election. He believes that they can be pried away from the AST, a move that would weaken the South’s industry tremendously. Other Northern leaders are more skeptical.

United Mercantile Federation

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